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Did you know our articles are written by our Year 6 pupils? 

Our Lancing College Visit 

One rainy morning, at 9:00am, the children from Five Ashes Church of England Primary School made the trip down to Lancing College (which is an hour away). The dominant rain forcefully threw itself onto the metallic grey roof of the coach the children were in. As the coach approached the destination, the rain started to get worse and all of the children started to venture into the future and predict if the rain would ever settle down. As the minutes flashed by, a short but powerful gust invaded the surroundings. It was time to depart the coach and the first children to step out had a massive shock of just how windy it was...

Our Visit

When we got out of the coach it felt like we were going to blow away! Everyone was trying to keep their hats on. However we didn’t let the weather stop us, it was time to leave our bags in the reception and walk down to the stunning farm.

During our farm visit we did lots of exciting things and we saw lots of lovely animals. Wesaw: Cheeky pigs – who are escape artists – Sheep, Geese, Chickens and lots of plants. It was really fun and we all were really excited to find out what was to come next.

After visiting the animals it was time to go to the Chapel and eat our delicious lunch. Everyone found a place to sit and then we started to eat. Lunch went by quite quickly and everyone packed up and got their minds back in gear. Then we split up in to our classes for a tour around the huge, spectacular Chapel. During our tour we saw the Alter, the Organ, the largest rose stained glass window in England and much more! We also discovered some really interesting facts about the building itself and the features inside! After our tour we thanked the people who helped us; then we braced the elements as we travelled back on to the coach to come back to school in time for the end our day.   

Despite the weather it was a wonderful day. The farm was exciting, the chapel was astonishing and a good time was had by all!

By Mavianne and Evie           

Clay Day

Clay day took place on the 7th November - it was a brilliant day! We made clay ceramics to go on our new core behaviours tree.

In the morning we made clay tiles (with different prints on) to make up the tree trunk. The clay tiles represent our 4 core behaviours. The flowers and leaves we printed on the tiles represent compassion, the tree bark we printed represents courage, respect is represented by the insects and animals and responsibility is represented by our fingerprints.

How we made the tiles:

  1. First we flattened the clay.
  2. Then we smoothed it over.
  3. We chose a leaf/finger/stick/bark/creature (not a real creature) to print into the clay.
  4. After that we peeled off the leaf/stick/bark/creature and trimmed round its shape.
  5. Finally we softened the edges to make the tiles look more natural.

In the afternoon we made the leaves for the tree. Oak Class had the job of helping the other classes - they also helped the adults (who had a great time)! Initially making the leaves felt quite hard but, once we got into it, it got easier. We made loads of leaves; it was a lot of fun.

We all worked together on clay day with the help of the talented artist, Deborah Thompsett. All members of the school community were involved: pupils, staff, parents/carers, governors and our local MP, Huw Merriman. It was very fun seeing everyone work as a team! We are really looking forward to glazing our ceramics in December!

By Amy and Tiegan

Amy Smith’s Visit

On Monday, the 2nd of October, an Olympic athlete came for a visit at our school - Amy Smith. She came partly to help us exercise by giving us four different stations to work our muscles. Spotty dogs was the first one- an exercise to help our arms and legs grow stronger! The three other ones were- leg drives, press-ups and star-jumps. Doing the exercise was brilliant fun and everyone was screaming their loudest to cheer you on which was a great experience. When you heard people cheering your name it was amazing - one of the best feelings I have ever had!

That was what we had to do, but then it was time for her to tell us what she had to do to be one of the best swimmers in the world. So she was telling us her amazing, unbelievable story until it came to the time where some of us to get up on our feet and play a really fun game! 10 of the children were picked to take part as they stood out during the exercise time - one of these people was me! We were given partners, I was with Monty, and we stood facing each other and a cone was placed on the floor between us. The first one to get the cone won! Amy said, “Take your marks and…GO!” The first one to grab the cone went to the next round. The last ones left were me and my best friend- Mavianne… and guess what…. I won! It was a great experience and we both got red wristbands.

Overall, the whole experience was amazing and because we were sponsored to complete our exercises, we got money for more PE equipment for our school.

By Charlotte


The Big Dance!

This term the Year 5 and 6 pupils at Five Ashes Church of England Primary School took part in The Big Dance Extravaganza in Tunbridge Wells at the Assembly Hall Theatre. The people that took part were: Poppy, Monty, Roman, Charlotte, Evie, Elysia, Mavianne and me (Amy). The theme of our dance was ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and our dance was set at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We all loved the song we performed to. If you wanted to research the song, it called ‘Tea Party’.

Our Day:

It all started on a sunny Wednesday in March (in the morning), some of Oak Class was practising outside before the school day started. At 8:45am, we came into the classroom, we got all our stuff ready for the bus coming to collect us and we waited excitedly. After the bus journey, we started to find our seats in the theatre and put our stuff down ready for the dress rehearsal. We found out that we were going to perform third in the first half. So, we quickly collected our costumes and went to get changed but, there was a problem… my costume was not at the theatre which mean meant in the dress rehearsal I had to dance in my school clothes! But it didn’t matter, I just carried on. I decided to ask my friend if she could bring in her Mad Hatter custom in and I could wear it. She said yes. So was decided that I could wear it.

After the first two dances we went back stage and didn’t make a sound (we followed the backstage rules). We got on to the stage and danced – people told us it was lovely, exciting and amazing! After we performed we got to watch the other schools and their routines were great! Then we were told to find our dressing rooms; our dressing room was number was 7. We went to our dressing room and we thought it was really cool (there were mirrored lights!). Then they called us and we went back stage ready to perform again, as we would in the evening. Before we knew it, it was finished. The dress rehearsals were finished and we all spoke about when we would meet for the evening performance.

The evening performance was great and we really enjoyed it. The audience was full and they all cheered throughout our dance! We all loved it so much that everyone wanted to do it once more! The year sixes could not do it again because they are leaving but the year 5s can look forward to it next year!

By Amy

Big Dance

Five Ashes Christmas Choir

On Saturday 2nd of December a group 20 students, our Christmas Choir, put on their school uniforms (and a Christmas hat!) and met in front of the jewellery shop on the Heathfield High Street. Whilst were there we sang multiple Christmas Carols which were enjoyed by our parents, the public and teachers. At the end of all the carols, the audience gave us an impressive round of applause, whilst we gave our bows. Just before all the children left, Mrs Todman let us choose two sweeties each.

On Thursday 14th of December, the same group of children left their classmates to perform Christmas Carols to the residents of High Broom Care Home, Crowborough. The residents were overjoyed when we were singing for them and we filled them with Christmas cheer. After the carols, the three year 6’s who attended were asked to deliver Christmas Cards to all the residents who watched us preform who were living at the care home. To all the students delight, after our performance the carers who worked there let all the children have shortbread, a chocolate and a cup of juice each. It was a wonderful experience for all involved and we hope to visit the care home again very soon.   

By Evie  

Remembrance Day

On Friday the 10th November we went down to the war memorial as we couldn’t go on the 11th because it was a Saturday. To begin our memorial service, Elysia and Roman B went over to the flag pole and, with the help of Mrs Kemp, they pulled the union flag up. Then, seven people from 2 classes and eight from the other were chosen to place a poppy in the ground. This made 22 poppies altogether – one for each name recorded on the memorial. After that, Mrs Kemp placed an extra poppy in the ground to represent all the unknown warriors whose names haven’t been recorded on grave stones or war memorials – it is important that we remember them too.

Following the poppies, each class did something to mark the occasion: the first class was Oak, we read a reading about the unknown warrior in Westminster Abbey; the second class to go was Maple, they read some remembrance prayers that they wrote themselves; finally Willow was split into reception, who performed a song, and the year 1 and 2’s, who performed a poem which taught us all about the meaning behind the poppy.

At the end of the ceremony we laid a poppy wreath and had a minute silence in remembrance of all those who lost their lives so that we could be free today.

Lest We Forget

By Evie 

My Bible Week


Collective Worship - To begin Bible Week, Father Nigel came into school to lead collective worship and discuss creation with us. Father Nigel was given a big bag by Claire Luther (our special visitor – an author) that was filled with stuffed toys. He asked volunteers to come up and hold each toy and the other pupils in the hall got to name them; the animals introduced the story of Noah which he read to us all. He read to us from a small bible but then he showed us his family bible which was huge and very precious to him! We then all sang ‘My God Is So Mighty’ with the all actions. Finally, Father Nigel read a prayer to the school and each class shared prayers that they had written to thank God for the things that he has created – we placed our prayers on a large painting of the world that Natalie made.

Workshop - Claire Luther came into the classroom and brought all her books, she started of reading ‘Happy to Be Me’ - a book based on a giraffe who thought he had nothing good about him. Claire had so much expression in her voice and she knew her book off by heart. The book was amazing I would definitely recommend this book to almost everyone! Everyone loved all the dramatic parts (I either had a smile on my face or I was laughing loudly). Next the children were asked to choose the book Claire would read next. Everyone, not just some people, choose the baboon book which was entitled ‘A Kind Heart And Mind’. When she came into the class she had brought a massive wicker basket and, when she read the book based on the baboon, she opened the basket and inside was a stuffed toy paradise containing the baboon!  


It was 9:00, and it was time that we caught the bus to go to St Dunstan’s church for a few hours , the bus pulled up by the bus stop, it came to a rapid halt. Paying  took quite long but  eventually we got on the bus but for the slightly bumpy ride. When we arrived in Mayfield, we walked down to St Dunstan’s. Inside, we were each handed a little booklet to write facts about the stations that were dotted around the church. On one of the stations there were two bibles that we had to read to find a particular story in the bible. At first we found it challenging but we persevered and found it (with a tiny bit of help from Mrs Prior). We then got to draw an elegant dove peacefully flying in the sky with a twig in its beak; we also drew a colourful rainbow and lastly we made a fish that we got to decorate. Sadly, after 2 hours, it was time to go back to school – everyone was starving and ready from lunch.


On Friday we went to St Dunstan’s to perform ‘Captain Noah and his Floating Zoo.’  We sung loads of songs to tell the audience the story of Noah. We sung the production with Mayfield School - we enjoyed it so much! Everyone was smiling throughout, the audience were cheering so loudly at the end, everyone was so proud of us and we sounded so good.  After we had sung the production, we headed back to Mayfield School to do some activities there. Miss Stanfield was our teacher we did some art based on creation. Before we knew it, it was nearly 3:00pm and we had to go home.

 I will definitely not forget our Bible Week!

By Mavianne               


Our Harvest Festival Service

On Friday 29th September, our Harvest Service took place in our school hall. Family members, carers, teachers and pupils attended. Natalie, the Church's Children and Families worker, was in the front row of the congregation.      

We all gathered in the school hall at 2pm. First, we sang `Praise Him` whilst six children brought the school's donations for the local Food Bank into the hall. Each class then shared some work they had completed about Harvest or the local Food bank. The first class to share their work was Maple Class. They shared facts about how Harvest is celebrated by different religions. After that, we sang the `Lord’s Prayer`, then Oak Class performed a poem about the local food bank. The last class to share their work was Willow class who sang a special Harvest version of `Thank You Lord` that they had written themselves. Following this, we sang the very popular `Harvest Samba`. Finally, Father Nigel finished the service with an address and blessing. 

By Evie 

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